What if the experience of COVID-19, the rioting, the corruption, the violence will eventually be the best thing that ever happened to us, to our children, and to our world? What if the collective trauma we are experiencing will become the collective rebirth of a more compassionate, connected, thriving, not just surviving, human race?

There are a variety of potential responses to trauma. There are those that are crushed by it. There are those that survive it and feel the negative impact of it in big and small ways throughout their lives.
There are those that somehow seem to magically bounce back from it and keep it moving without lasting effects. There is also an additional response.

There is this amazing and interesting phenomenon in which people transform themselves and their lives through the experience of trauma and THRIVE in a way that would have never been possible without the devastating experience of it. They live through the shattering of their worldview, the breaking of their hearts, the crumbling of their protective shells. Sitting in the rubble they are exposed to the truth of their vulnerability and they allow others to know it too. They see clearly that uncertainty is real, things are fallible, and there are no guarantees. Even if this stops them in their tracks for a while, they slowly begin to rise. From this place of rawness they find their brave, their purpose, and their power. They do not do return to the life they were living, instead they step into their purpose, the truth of interconnectivity, which allows them to feel joy they never knew existed, do things they never thought possible, live in ways that truly feel alive, and they THRIVE.

What if we consciously choose to allow this opportunity to break us open, so that together we can rebuild ourselves and our world?!?


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