Coaching with Alyson

 What is Coaching at Alyson Halas Psychotherapy (AHP)?

Alyson Halas is a trained psychotherapist that specializes in the treatment of acute and chronic stress and trauma. She is also a kick ass woman, mom, wife, and entrepreneur who has dedicated her life to serving others while simultaneously healing, helping, and serving herself. Her coaching focuses on helping you move in the direction of your goals and towards living a purposeful and passionate life. She does this by:

 - Clarifying the next transition or goal you are ready to move towards

 - Illuminating traumas, core beliefs, and behavioral patterning keeping you stuck or unnecessarily slowing you down

 - Using proven tools to dissolve these blockages

 - Teaching you how to identify and stay focused on immediate next steps

 - Co-creating an action plan with you to move forward

 - Supporting and encouraging you each step of the way so you ARE NOT ALONE

How is coaching different than Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is meant for individuals who are experiencing a level of mental health symptoms that are “significantly interfering” with their ability to function on a daily basis, but....

 - What if you are someone that is “functioning” well enough and you are still experiencing worry, low mood, lack of joy, confusion, and upset?

 - What if you have a trauma history, whether acute, chronic or episodic that isn’t crushing you but is instead weighing you down and making it difficult for you to move forward with ease and joy?

 - What if you are doing all the things and hitting all those external benchmarks of a “successful life” but you are disconnected from feeling genuine happiness and struggle to feel fully alive in moments of your life?

 - What if you are just ready… ready to expand and have the support and guidance you need to step courageously into Joy, Purpose, and Passion and into living your absolute best life… deeply, fully and completely!

If coaching with Alyson could be your next step, check out our introductory package below. Or if you have questions, please reach out to to email directly with Alyson and schedule an initial consult to see if Alyson is meant to be your coach.

The StepWorthy Introductory Coaching Package

StepWorthy  Adjective – Being worthy of your next immediate step on your path of purpose and
passion. "We are are all StepWorthy."

StepWorthy Noun – the embodied state of feeling and knowing one is worthy of their next immediate
step on their path of purpose and passion. "I have reached StepWorthy and it feels peaceful and powerful."

You are of inherent worth. Period. End of sentence. You are worthy of living a life full of joy, passion,
and purpose.

Feels hard to believe right?  We know it can feel big and difficult to fully know and embody the entirety of our worth. So we created the step in-between –StepWorthy. With StepWorthy you don’t have to acknowledge your amazingness and worthiness in its entirety and embody it all at once. In your own time and pace, you will be supported in connecting into
your own inner guidance that will allow you to feel your worth a little more, know it a little more deeply, and embody it a little more fully as you clarify and take your next step(s) on your path of purpose and passion.

This Package will introduce you to concepts, tools, and practices, as well as the necessary support that will allow you to embody your worth a little more and to identify and take your next step:

Session 1: All sessions begin with being guided through calming your body, clearing your mind and connecting into inner guidance. From this place we will explore where you are struggling to embody your worth and create a vision of what it will look like when you do.

Session 2: Creating your PathMap. We will identify the blocks you are experiencing in moving into StepWorthy, the state of feeling and knowing you are worthy of your next immediate step on your Path. You will be taught a process of how to dissolve these blocks and begin to practice. Email support will be provided between session 2 and 3 to support at home practice and provide encouragement.

Session 3: With at least one primary block dissolved, you will continue to be guided into connecting into your own inner wisdom and you will identify your next immediate action step on your Path. Email support will be provided between sessions 3 & 4 to encourage action and remaining focused.

Sessions 4: Celebrate you and all you’ve leaned into and learned and the movement you’ve created in
your life. We will explore how you can continue this process independently or with the support of others and review your PathMap.