(written Jan 2018, yet still so pertinent today)

I have a tremendous amount of respect for you.  You have gotten this far and something really awful happened to you that you did not ask for or deserve.  You have worked hard to move forward and put it all behind you and now there’s #metoo.  The feelings, the thoughts, the memories that you thought you moved past may be coming back in bits and pieces again or in full force.  It’s ok.  This is normal.  Its all coming up for your healing now.  Everyone’s journey is different, and not everyone’s includes saying #metoo out loud for the world to hear.  You can say it just to yourself, to your partner, to your friend.  It’s important to acknowledge and understand the truth of how the experience did or did not impact you and how it is and is not continuing to impact you.  There are ways to get help.  Trauma is something that is somatically stored in your body, so even if you thought through it all and are in a rational place around it, your body still holds the memory in a different way.   This is just how it works.  It’s not because you haven’t worked hard to let it go, like you and perhaps others have told yourself over and over that you have to do.  It’s just how trauma works.  There are many somatic based trauma release techniques that are out there for you.  Look into them, find one that connects to you, and reach out for help if you are ready.  

And for all of those individuals who have been able to say #metoo and this is part of your healing journey… THANK YOU and may your healing continue to unfold.  


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