Ways To Work With Us

Individual Services:

Individual psychotherapy is tailored to meet your specific needs and presenting concerns.  Together we cultivate and craft a treatment approach that is best for you and a relationship that will support both your growth and healing.  Various treatment modalities are utilized based on presenting concerns and goals. Individual psychotherapy as opposed to coaching is best for those who are struggling with the interference of mental health symptoms in their daily lives related to a mental health diagnosis i.e. Anxiety, PTSD, C-PTSD, Depression.

One on One Coaching is a fun experience in which we identify any past learning and/or trauma big or small that is blocking you from realizing your fullest and truest potential, apply tools to move through these blocks, and identify next immediate actions steps on your path of purpose, passion, and service.

Group Services:

Groups are appropriate for those at all stages of healing, with or without a mental health diagnosis.

EFT Tapping Experience Groups

These short-term experiential groups run for 2 - 8 weeks during which you will learn and practice the skill of tapping and harness the power of group support.  The conscious and active choice to calm our physiological stress response is a powerful one and together we will explore and identify the benefits of doing so on a regular basis.  These groups are appropriate for those at all stages of healing, with or without a mental health diagnosis and can be general or population specific. Currently all groups are virtual.

EFT Tapping Support and Healing Groups with Specific Populations

These groups meet for a longer duration and take a deeper dive into utilizing tapping to create shifts in ourselves and to heal our wounds.  They also provide a deeper opportunity to experience inter-connectivity and inspiration as a result of the group process.  Examples of upcoming groups include: Self Hate and Self Love - a group for 7th and 8th grade girls that explores body image, as well as Parent Pod -  a supportive, protective, and nurturing space for parents of children who are experiencing mental health struggles.   Groups are formed based on need, interest, and inspiration. 

Workshops for you and your staff:

Regulation Works

Create a "regulated" work environment where employees are free to regulate their physiology. Tapping experience will be facilitated and open dialogue will be supported as truth is shared, bodies are calmed, and next action steps are identified.  This can be a one time workshop or set up as a series of weekly sessions.  This is a loving gift to give to your staff demonstrating your commitment to their health and the health of your work environment.  *Workshops can be created and/or tailored to meet your organization's and employees' needs.

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