What if you knew healing was inside of you?

Are you willing to explore mental, emotional, and physical healing from a deep place?

Are you ready to focus on healing the roots of our pain, connecting into our truth and power, and stepping into our path of purpose

Are you wanting to feel more alive and connected

Are you ready to do some work and also have some fun? 

Let's do this!

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Our Mission

To educate individuals, families, groups, and communities about trauma injury and post traumatic growth.

To provide tools and presence that will allow for healing through trauma injury into post traumatic growth.

To love the crap out of each and every client that connects into our lives.

To light the pathway to healing and purpose simultaneously for others.

To awaken people to the truth of inter-connectivity.

To be at the forefront of developing interventions that address mental health and physical health simultaneously.

To raise the resting vibration of those we serve into LOVE.

We Believe...

We believe in deep, truthful, vulnerable connection.

We believe that we are enough as we are now in this very moment while also knowing and believing that we have more healing, growing, loving, laughing and unfolding to do.  

We believe that love and consistent support can help to heal the deepest of wounds.

We believe in the power of people coming together for a common good.  

We believe that we can move mountains and we believe that with others who want to move mountains, we can move them quicker and clear a path together for those whose timing isn’t there yet to help.  

We believe we are gentle and loving, powerful and strong - a force to be reckoned with.

We believe in leaning into discomfort.

We believe in leaning out of discomfort.

We believe everyone has a path and a purpose.

We believe healing should be available and accessible to allperiod.  

We believe we are here for a reason and that reason is to help heal the world.  We believe that starts with us.  

We believe in the power of exploring extremes to discover what the middle and balance truly is.

We believe that when we find ourself judging others, we should pause, and search for what is being reflected back to us. I believe if we can see it, it is ready to be healed.

We believe in the power of intention.

We believe in the power of timing and that the best things we can do for ourselves is relax into our timing.  We cannot force it and yet we can impede it by trying to do so and stressing ourselves the "F" out.  

We believe our children are here to help us heal and we are uniquely qualified to parent them.  We believe that if we commit to healing ourselves as parents we will assist our children in their own unfolding by removing potentially unnecessary obstacles of healing intergenerational patterning and trauma.  

Alyson is a beacon for me. A lighthouse in the dark. My true north over the past few years. Through talk therapy & tapping, she helped me find myself. The one that was hiding under old stories, trauma & feelings of unworthiness & fear. She helped me discover awareness around my feelings, that I matter, what I have to say matters & that my anxiety does not have to rule my day. Alyson is honest & direct, but with grace, compassion & empathy. Her approach allows you to open up, to feel safe & to feel seen. 


I started seeing Alyson a little over a year ago and since then, my life has changed in ways I didn't know were possible. I had never truly connected with any other therapist I had seen and felt as if therapy would never be something that could actually help me. But Alyson has an approach that really works for me. My work with Alyson has made me feel so empowered and hopeful about my future. I feel like I can trust myself to make decisions that I would have needed guidance on before and I feel comfortable doing things that once made me feel so anxious. I am so glad I found her and that I pushed myself out of my comfort level to let her help me heal.


Nearly two years ago, my brother lost his battle with depression and took his own life. Following the funeral, I found myself questioning the “how,” the “why,” and the “what more I could have done”— from the moment I had learned about his depression through the course of events that would follow. Earlier in my life, I had pursued counseling when faced with difficult challenges, albeit with mixed results. But this was no ordinary challenge. I knew I need a guidepost to help me through a dark tunnel. So, I turned to my company’s Employee Assist Program (EAP) and discovered Alyson Halas’s practice. 

From the outset, the discovery proved fruitful. Alyson was warm, inviting and reassuring. But more than that, she was a subtle hand guiding me through a path of understanding and coping. It was a hard path to walk. But Alyson asked questions that resonated, and offered both literature I could read AND actions I could practice. As important, she offered conversation with ease and comfort. There is an additional reason why I recommend Alyson Halas—and it’s a measure that you can’t easily quantify—her level of commitment and care.

About a month after my brother’s passing, I served as a master of ceremonies for a not-for-profit event addressing depression and suicide. (The request to participate came a full month before my brother’s passing.) I shared with Alyson the anxiety I felt about this event and publicly speaking about suicide so soon after my family’s loss. Alyson asked if I would be comfortable if she attended. I was and she did. Her presence that night, and her words of encouragement at the event, lifted me from the anxiety I had felt and quietly reassured me.

That kind of care, that kind of commitment is rare. Alyson invested herself in the loss I had experienced through our sessions together, and even more pointedly through her actions that evening. Given the totality of my experience with Alyson Halas, I know that when I face another difficult challenge in life, she will be my first phone call.


"After seeing many different therapists throughout my life and struggling to find the right fit, I was pessimistic about giving therapy another chance. However, since I started seeing Alyson, she has helped me change my perspective on both myself and therapy as a whole. Alyson is endlessly caring and empathetic, always taking the time to check in with me and see what I need without putting pressure on me. Thanks to her compassion, knowledge, and expertise in her field, I've come to learn how to change my negative thought patterns, better understand myself, and begin to heal from layers of old trauma that I didn't fully comprehend prior to our meeting. We still have work to do, but I continue to look forward to doing that work together."